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How Do I Register?                                                   

NOTE:  There are a limited number of spots available in our program.
Priority is given to current ELAWS families and those who register first. 


Step #1 
Click on THIS LINK and complete the form. 

Step #2 

(To be completed after you've received an email response from Step #1) 

Click on "THIS LINK"  (Complete on a computer, not with cell phone)

Click Request Account (Create account and login if you don't already have one)

Click the "+ Initiate" under the Start a New Student Registration Section on the Right Hand Side

Click the School Year Selection you are registering for (2023-2024)

The school you are registering for is Elmira District Secondary School

Click Next and it will walk you through all the information you have to fill out.

When you get to the address information please select "Physical" for your home address as "Home"

Click "Submit" once you have reached the final tab and have filled out all required information.


If you have any questions regarding Step #2, reach out to Mrs. Jette. 519-669-54114 ex. 5520 or email @ 

Step #3 

(To be completed after you've received an email response from Step #2) 

Upon completing these steps you will be notified on how to show your two pieces of required documentation:   


  1. Birth Certificate, OR Permanent Resident Card, OR Passport, OR Canadian Citizenship Card

  2. Proof of Address (Utility bill, OR a bill with a full name and address, OR a copy of offer to purchase a residence OR a copy of a lease/rental agreement)


For more details or questions regarding registration, contact:

Jeff Martin at or 519-669-5414 ex. 5210

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