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Co-Op Days

On the Tuesday after each of the five holiday weekends during the school year, our whole student body meets for co-op integration days.  We focus first and foremost on safety in the workplace, but also work on certifications in such areas as Working at Heights, chainsaw safety, First Aid (CPR), WHMIS, forklift training and customer service.  One of the integration days focuses on community service, and another involves an educational field trip to Toronto or Niagara Falls.

Co-Op Fair

One of the most significant components of our program is Co-operative Education, and each student at some point must find a placement where they can learn and grow as employees.  As a result, we have a large number of employers to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.  The Co-op Fair is our chance to say thank you.  Employers are invited to come to Lions Hall where each student has set up a booth describing some aspect of their experiences as an employee.  We offer a short program where the year and its successes are celebrated, and we send the employers on their way with a full stomach.



Tuesday afternoon through the winter season is hockey time in ELAWS.  We rent ice time in the arena across the street, and for anyone who wishes to join us, we have both a boys’ and a girls’ game of pick up hockey.



At lunch time on Monday and Tuesday, the small gym is available for a game of volleyball.  We encourage the students to join us for some exercise and fun.  The grade 12 leadership class at times throughout the school year will organize tournaments held during this time. 

Parent Teachers Night


Twice a year, the teachers of the ELAWS program are available in the evening to meet with parents to celebrate their sons’ and daughters’ successes, and share their concerns.  Keeping in close touch with the community of parents is a high priority for the ELAWS program.

Grade 12 Celebration

As the year winds down, we gather at Lions Hall to offer congratulations to the Grade 12 students for four years of learning and growing.  The hall is decked out, the students are justifiably pleased to have made it this far, and their families can't help but be a little relieved and just a touch proud.  The constant theme of the students' reflections is a paradox: That was a long haul, but it sure went fast! The staff invariably identifies this evening as the highlight of the school year.

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